Alicia Keys Fire We Make 2013


    • Autor: Alicia Keys
    • Música: Fire We Make
    • Tamanho: 3,594 KB
    • Formato: MP3
    • Servidor: 4shared
    • Postador: Rullerz

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It’s crazy
Come on, come on
I wanna tell you really
Oh yeah, all I wanna know yeah

Hey baby how you doing tonight
I wanna let you know
I wanna tell you just how I feel
I wanna love you baby
And it’s going so right
I wanna burn a candle
Turn the darkness to the light

With the fire we make
It’s getting hotter and hotter
Like a moth to a flame
I can’t stay away
From the fire we make
It’s getting higher and higher
Like the night to the day
I can’t stay away
No no no
No no no
Stay away

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